About Us


Formed in 2019, our management team have over a decade in innovation experience Blended 710 came to life to bring a wide range of bespoke blended products to market. Our founding partners with their philanthropic views saw the growing interest in CBD and knew they had to capitalize on its increasing popularity which saw them start something fresh, something that would bring new, healthy, affordable and not forgetting customised products to consumers in fields such as beauty, sports and entertainment whilst at the same time opening a back door of health benefits.

we acknowledge the growing public are passionate about being more environmentally friendly, are more conscience about what they put inside and on their bodies and with this the types of products they have access to which is natural and good for the body. After intense market research we found that people tend to suffer from a multiple of problems, internally and external but each person needs different dosages of the remedy as each body reacts differently, this is where the concept for blended 710 was born, a consumer business focusing on fresh clean products that allows you to custom infuse our 99.9% pure CBD into anyone of our products.

Having over a decade of experience in agriculture and human biology our team understands that maintaining a healthy lifestyle while incorporating CBD into your routine is the best thing you can do to give your body the best protection. Regardless of your age, CBD has dozens of wellness benefits. Our directors realised early on the important of “balance” in our daily lives. Balancing work and play is a critical part of our physical and mental health. Using CBD as a daily supplement is a great way to support your bodies Endocannabinoid system and keep it in balance

Our network of highly skilled manufacturers ensure our products come to customer in the most effective and cost friendly way whilst at the same time ensuring the highest quality. We pride in making people’s lives easier and with these fundamentals embedded into the foundations of Blended 710, we have no doubt were heading to become a leading competitor in a highly growing and evolving market.