Travel Size Package
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This includes:
  • 30ml Hand & Body cream 200mg
  • 100ml hand & body oil 100mg
  • 30ml tincture 500mg

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This product contains 30ml of MCT oil infused with 99% pure cannabidiol (CBD), made from the highest quality hemp - which is rich in CBD. Our CBD is extracted using organic solvent free extraction methods using supercritical CO2. All our CBD is lab tested for cannabinoid levels, heavy metals, pesticides, and molds.


Hand and Body Oil - 100ml

The Blended 710 CBD Hand & Body Oil is suitable for all skin types and is useful in warming muscles massage to help prevent injury as well as for use in massage of injured areas. An intense blend of juniper berry, orange and grapefruit to enliven the skin and circulation, aid in a detox diet and flush your bodies of the nasties Blended 710 Hand & Body Oil has been specially formulated to bring you the perfect aromatherapy skin detoxing oil.


Hand & Body Cream – 30ml

Suitable for all skin types. Our CBD cream forms a protective barrier on the skin, not only moisturising, but locking in the skins natural moisture. Our CBD cream is to form a protective barrier on the skin, not only moisturising the skin, but locking in the skins natural moisture. This is great for dry skin, however for spot prone areas of the skin a lighter cream maybe more appropriate. The cream is hypoallergenic and non irritating. The natural formula makes it highly effective without being abrasive. Our CBD cream forms a protective barrier on the skin, not only moisturising, but locking in the skins natural moisture.



As a dietary supplement
Use up to 3 times a day
Based on 1000mg CBD - Place 1 full pipette = 0.6ml (55mg) under your tongue and count to 60 seconds and swallow. The CBD is absorbed through the glands in your mouth and gets sent through the bloodstream to the CBD receptors in your body.

Hand and Body Oil - 100ml

Apply a small amount to hands and using circular sweeping movements rub into the body and let our natural blend detoxify you.

Apply a small amount to your hand/body and let it gently absorb nourishing and replenishing the skin with a combination of the finest oils.

Add 10ml to running water under your bath and let the body to soak. Allow the sweet grapefruit to stimulate your mind.


Hand & Body Cream – 30ml

Apply a pea sized amount of our topical cream to the skin and smooth across.


•    Not for internal consumption
•    Test patch on sensitive skin
•    Do not use when pregnant
•    Not for use by children under 5
•    Always apply a test patch to the skin before massaging


Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating. 

Drink plenty of water.

Bath may become slippery when used.

If contact made with eyes rinse immediately with clean warm water.

Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Made in the UK

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What strength CBD shall I use?

Start by taking 5mg of CBD (or a little bit less) at bedtime. Stick with that dose for a week before increasing it. Do this every week until you achieve the desired results.

Beginners can start by using 500mg of CBD. Stick with that dose for a week or 2, if you do not see the required results, increase the dosage.

Can you overdose on CBD?

CBD has been shown to be safe to use in high doses. CBD will not cause a fatal overdose. However it is possible to take too much CBD. A consequence of taking too much CBD is the increased chance of negative side effects like lethargy or drowsiness

Why has my CBD oil turned pink?

Your CBD Oil turned pink because of a plant nutrient that is often visible in pure oils: Polyphenol Oxidase. When this oxidase is exposed to oxygen and light, it turns pink. Whether your oil is clear or slightly pink the product will retain its delicious and nutritious qualities.

Whats the difference between the CBD oil and CBD cream?

The main difference between CBD cream and CBD oil is how you take it. 

  • CBD cream is only meant to be applied to the skin (topically).
  • CBD oil is only meant to be administered under the tongue (sublingually).


Any side effects of CBD cream?

There are no inherent side effects of CBD cream. That said, if you have very sensitive skin, you may be allergic to some of the ingredients.

Where should I apply my CBD cream?

If you’re unsure where exactly your pain is coming from, start by applying your cream to these trigger points:

  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Wrists
  • Temples
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Soles of your feet

Really, any joint and the muscles around it will react well to CBD cream.